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Colma, California

Welcome to the Town of Colma

A small, incorporated town at the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, Colma is a unique destination known for auto dealerships, retail establishments and, of course, its 17 cemeteries. Often referred to as "the city of the silent," Colma has a higher population below ground than above it. The beautiful cemeteries represent numerous religious beliefs and cultures, and include historic structures and districts known on local and national levels. Famous "silent" residents of Colma include Wyatt Earp, Joe DiMaggio and William Randolph Hearst. In fact, Colma is so widely regarded as a popular Northern California resting place that it's easier to read a list of famous San Franciscans not buried in Colma than to scan through the lengthy list of those who are. Colma's status as a cemetery city has led to a humorous motto among residents: "It's good to be alive in Colma!"

Colma shares many similarities to its neighbor Daly City especially when it comes to the weather—often quite cool—and its abundance of retail shopping areas. Looking for a car? Colma has one of the larger auto dealer areas in the Bay Area as well.

Colma is easy to get to and from with Colma Station serving the city as part of the BART system. SamTrans provides bus service to San Francisco.

Colma Hotels

The unique and beautiful town of Colma is surrounded by hotels for every type of traveler, from business to luxury to budget. Within the small town's limits, there are several hotels walking distance from the retail and residential areas; larger hotels can be found in the neighboring towns and cities. Because of the central location, hotels in Colma are perfect for anyone who wants to also visit many of the major Bay Area cities, such as San Jose and San Francisco.

Colma Restaurants

While Colma may have a few fantastic restaurants of it's own, it's primary use as cemetery land means most of the restaurants frequented by locals reside on the city limits or in the neighboring towns. Colma's proximity to San Francisco makes it easy for hungry visitors to enjoy hundreds of the award-winning restaurants for which San Francisco is known. Other neighboring areas, such as Palo Alto and Woodside, are equally as rich in culinary delights.

Colma Travel and Attractions

Colma is like a living museum of the history of California. As anyone would guess, the most popular sights in Colma are the incredible cemeteries. Elaborate tombs, intricately designed mausoleums reflect the Victorian era's tradition of honoring those you love with enormous monuments. Whether visiting the vast cemeteries, parks or just heading out for a night on the town, California Pacific Limousine service is a popular method of stylish transportation. Lucky Chances Casino is a popular hangout among locals and tourists for good restaurants, a country club setting and, of course, a chance to hit the jackpot.

Colma Shopping

Aside from endless flower shops offering fresh bouquets for visitors to the cemeteries, Colma has a fantastic selection of retail establishments ranging from shopping malls to car dealerships. The most popular shopping centers, Serra Center and the Metro Mall, are perfect for buying just about anything, while anyone looking for a new or used car can visit one of the town's eight dealerships.

Colma Real Estate

Since cemeteries occupy seventy-three percent of the land in Colma, the real estate market isn't very large. The homes for sale in Colma reside in quiet, attractive neighborhoods, and offer access to several recreational facilities, such as basketball courts, playgrounds and the Cypress Golf Course. The land and homes in Colma enjoy the mild California climate year round, with occasional gusts of wind carrying the scent of the Pacific Ocean.

Colma Community

The Colma Historical Association is known for a variety of fundraisers and events throughout the year. In addition to offering tours of the vast cemeteries, parks and historical structures throughout the town, they host events like Victorian Day and the annual fundraiser dinner. Colma's Sterling Park Recreation Center also hosts everything from dance classes to childcare.