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Daly City, California

Welcome to Daly City

Daly City is an unique city with a rich history. Due to its mild and consistent climate, Daly City was an early farming community for California settlers. Since those days, it has appropriately been nicknamed the Gateway to the Peninsula for its convenient location and passageway, Highway 280, which links San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties. Daly City is only eight miles south of downtown San Francisco, making it an ideal settling point for anyone who frequents the city but doesn't want to live there.

Daly City is the largest community in the San Mateo County, and has the second largest Asian population in the United States. Though this area is known for the diversity in the many ethnic groups who live here, Daly City is home to a particularly large Filipino American population.

Daly City Hotels

Hotels in Daly City, California range from roadside motels to larger chain hotels, such as the Hampton Inn, but are most well known for very reasonable rates. With San Francisco offering the bulk of luxury hotels in the area, Daly City is able to offer more casual accommodations, like the Motorville Hotel, that are ideal for students visiting the area's universities or for budget travelers looking for views of the California coast.

Daly City Restaurants

Because of the diversity in the area's ethinc groups, Daly City restaurants offer delicious and unique cuisine for every palate. The proximity to the San Francisco Bay also allows fashionable seafood and sushi restaurants, such as Barracuda Sushi, to provide some of the freshest fish around.

Daly City Travel and Attractions

The Cow Palace Fairgrounds, a legendary entertainment venue borders both Daly City and San Francisco and is home to annual events like the Grand National Rodeo, the Horse and Stock Show and the Sports and Fishing Show. The Cow Palace has hosted special events in the past including concerts by bands like the Beatles and ACDC. There are also several golf courses are located around Daly City, such as the San Francisco Golf Club and the Lake Merced Golf Course. The Olympic Club, one of the most respected golf courses in the United States, will be the host of the US Open for the fifth time in 2012.

Daly City Shopping

Daly City offers a couple of the peninsula's larger shopping areas. Shopping centers like Serramonte and Westlake Mall have become go-to destinations for shoppers looking for all the name brand stores while also benefiting from plentiful and free parking, something that is extremely rare in the San Francisco shopping destinations. The Mission Street retail corridor, which borders San Francisco, is also considered one of the major shopping areas in Daly City.

Daly City Real Estate

Daly City is only eight miles south of downtown San Francisco, making it an ideal settling point for anyone who frequents the city but doesn't want to live there. This area is also centrally located to many of the Bay's major cities, such as Colma, Pacifica, San Bruno and Brisbane. Because of this ideal location, Daly City has reaped the benefits of the Bay Area real estate bubble; the real estate in Daly City has appreciated drastically in the last ten years.

Daly City Community

With the golden city of San Francisco just next door and the booming Silicon Valley Hub, San Jose, to the south, Daly City is constantly upgrading the style of life for its residents. New developments, like the Pacific Plaza and Landmark, offer new businesses a chance to get their start in a great location. There are also a variety of private and public schools serving Daly City, as well as six colleges and universities. The Daly City-Colma Chamber of Commerce is always striving to provide economic growth for the area as well as to provide limitless opportunities for current and future residents.