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La Honda, California

Welcome to La Honda

La Honda is a tight, rural community located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The beautiful setting is rich with lush redwood and chaparral forests and many dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean. With a population close to 2000, La Honda is close to the La Honda Open Space Preserve. Most notably, La Honda has also in many circles been considered to be the birthplace of the psychedelic era.

Renowned as one of the homes of the 1960s and 70s counterculture movements, La Honda served as the home Ken Kesey, acid-dropping artistic rabble-rouser and author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Kesey and his infamous band of friends, The Merry Pranksters, used his La Honda home as a base for the psychedelic journeys and parties often written about by authors like Alan Ginsberg, Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson.

La Honda Travel and Attractions

One of the prime attractions in La Honda is Ziranjie, an intimate bed and breakfast located on a private ranch in the middle of a nature preserve known as the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District. The incredible beauty of the land draws savvy travelers who want to experience exquisite gardens, majestic ocean views and pebble pathways through the woods. La Honda offers countless opportunities to run, hike or walk on seemingly endless miles of trails that wind through open spaces, dense forests and undisturbed wilderness.

La Honda Real Estate

Real estate in La Honda is extremely desirable for those who wish to work in Silicon Valley yet live in painstakingly beautiful forests. Lots are often seated on several acres rich with towering redwoods; many hilltop homes offer unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean as well.

La Honda Community

La Honda's small population allows for a sense of family among all of its residents. Due to the relatively undisturbed natural setting and abundant wildlife, La Honda remains an extremely eco-friendly town. Water conservation and the ardent prevention of wildfires continue to be two of the major focuses of both La Honda and the greater County of San Mateo. The La Honda Fire Brigade offers regular fairs and events not only to educate citizens about fire safety and prevention, but also to celebrate holidays and community occasions in nature-friendly ways.